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Michigan Dental Scrap Refining

Cash paid on the spot for your dental scrap!
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Michigan Dental Scrap Refining

Our Payouts Are 20% Higher Than The Competition!

Many dentists have advised me that they are overwhelmed by the process of mailing out their dental scrap.

Ark Refining specializes in helping dentists recycle scrap metal for cash or check on the spot! We handle every aspect of the recycling process so that you can focus on patient care and growing your practice.

Michigan's #1 Dental Scrap Refining Company since 2016

No obligation on-the-spot valuation and payment for materials right at your own office! We make recycling dental scrap convenient for Michigan Dentists!

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Ark Refining will provide a container to collect your dental scrap. Once you are ready to exchange your scrap for cash, schedule a pickup.

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We Come To You

We will schedule a time to come collect your dental scrap, saving you time and hassle. Prefer to use our mail-in service? Send us a message!

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You Get Paid

We collect your dental scrap and you get paid top dollar on the spot in cash or check! 

Why Choose Ark Refining

Our dental scrap metal refining services make it easy for your practice to turn scrap into cash with little effort!

We eliminate the middle man in the refining process. This allows us to offer you top dollar, right in your practice. Let our company come to you with a no-obligation cash offer! No need to fuss with mail and wait around for a quote. We make it effortless to recycle your dental scrap for money.

Our clients appreciate our friendly concierge style service. We can’t be beat!

We are proud of the relationships we have made with Michigan dental practices over the past decade. These relationships are based on trust, loyalty, and first-class customer service.

-David Hack, President of Ark Refining

We have been extremely happy with our relationship


“It’s my pleasure to write a testimonial for David Hack of Ark Refining. My staff and I have found David to be extremely easy to work with. He is punctual when he says he’s going to come to our office to collect our dental scrap and he’s always very friendly. We have been extremely happy with our relationship with Ark Refining and it will continue for many years to come.”

Dr. Michael Hudgins, D.D.S., Detroit, Michigan

FAQ’s About Dental Scrap Refining

Everything you need to know about recycling your dental scrap with Ark Refining!

What materials do you accept?

Gold Partials
Even Jewelry!

What is “dental gold”?

“Dental gold” is the term used to describe an alloy that is made up of primarily gold and is used to make various tooth restorations by dentists.

What is an “alloy”?

An alloy is a substance composed of two or more metals. In the dental field, there are precious and non-precious alloys that are used for tooth restorations.

What is a “dental restoration”?

Restoration is the term used to describe any man-made alteration placed in a patient’s mouth, i.e. a crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, denture or partial.

Do I need to separate gold from the PFM scrap?

No. Ark Refining will sort everything on your behalf to maximize the amount of your payout.

What is a “crown”?

A crown is most commonly referred to as a “cap”. A full gold crown is usually placed in the rear of the mouth (molars) so that it is less visible when a person smiles. A Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown is most commonly used where it will be more visible.

What is a “bridge”?

A bridge is easiest explained as multiple crowns joined together. There is a more scientific explanation for a dental bridge but for the purposes of illustrating in simple terms, that is a bridge. Gold or palladium-based alloys are commonly used, as is porcelain.

What are an “inlay” and an “onlay”?

Dental inlay’s & onlay’s are essentially the same things, it just depends on how much decay and where the decay is on the tooth. They are both restorations that are fitted to a cavity in the tooth and cemented into place. Gold or porcelain are the substances used.

I have a gold colored partial, is it gold?

Yes. In the last 30 years or so gold has been replaced with cobalt and chromium based alloys to make partials. A simple way to tell is if a partial is gold it is made with a gold alloy which can have significant value but if it is a silver color, it is made out of chrome or cobalt which are non-precious metals and have very little if any resale value.

Are PFM’s (porcelain-fused-to-metal) worth saving?

Absolutely! PFM’s can vary between a high-noble alloy (at least 60% precious metal content with at least 40% gold), a noble alloy (at least 25% noble metal) and non-precious alloys. PFM scrap metal can be very valuable.

Can amalgam be refined with my precious metal scrap?

No. Keep amalgam separate from your other metal scrap.

What locations do you serve?

We travel to Dental Offices in person throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. We can also provide secure mail-in services all across the United States.

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